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Organic Sea Moss Gel (natural)

Organic Sea Moss Gel (natural)

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Organic Sea Moss Gel with Hondurans Seamoss is one of a kind of superfood. The sea moss gel is naturally rich in 92 out of 102 minerals which help nourish and balance the body.

Its natural content of protein, minerals, and iodine promotes great health and provides many benefits for daily consumption. The high potassium chloride content helps reduce inflammation across the body, aiding the respiratory system by soothing the mucus membrane, and helping with detoxification through drawing out toxins from the body.

Sea moss' composition of iodine and selenium works together to increase energy levels while also supporting a healthy functioning thyroid for hormonal production. Plus, it helps alleviate digestive issues by regulating gut health and promoting good bacteria within the digestive system.

Organic Sea Moss gell with Honduran sea moss has everything you need to keep you feeling energized and nourished throughout your day.

  • Inflammation Relief - The high potassium chloride content works to reduce inflammation in the body and soothe mucus membranes in the respiratory system. 
  • Increase Energy Levels - Sea moss' composition of iodine and selenium helps boost energy levels and supports a healthy thyroid for hormonal production. 
  • Digestive Support - Sea moss helps regulate gut health and supports digestive wellness by promoting good bacteria within the digestive system. 
  • Natural Detoxifier - Draws out toxins from the body to promote detoxification and improved overall health.

Ingredients: sundried sea moss, alkaline water.

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