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Batana Oil From Honduras (100 ml)

Batana Oil From Honduras (100 ml)

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Batana Oil is a natural oil made from the fruit of the Batana tree, which is found in Central America. This incredibly nourishing tropical treatment contains high levels of fatty acids like oleic and linoleic, allowing for deep hydration that quickly absorbs into the skin. Batana Oil is non-greasy and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Batana Oil is a great choice for anyone looking to deeply nourish their skin. Use it as a facial oil or massage oil, or even mix it into your favorite body lotion for an extra boost of moisture. A few drops in your shampoo and conditioner will also help repair and protect hair from the everyday damage caused by styling products and heat tools.

Batana Oil is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries, so you can be sure that you're giving your skin the best treatment possible.

HAIR GROWTH AND REPAIR - Our Batana oil is the perfect treatment for repairing damaged hair and stimulating new growth. The high levels of fatty acids help to hydrate and soften dry skin, while also fading stretch marks.

HYDRATES AND SOFTENS DRY SKIN - The Batana fruit is incredibly rich in fatty acids, which are essential for deep hydration that absorbs quickly into the skin. This tropical oil will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

FADES STRETCH MARKS - Stretch marks can be unsightly and difficult to remove. But with our Batana oil, you can fade their appearance and restore your confidence.

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