Throughout the world, people want the same things...

  • Access to clean air and water
  • Healthy, fresh, natural foods
  • Economic opportunities
  • A safe and healthy place to raise a family
  • Shelter
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Community
  • Freedom to have a say in the decisions that affect our lives

Throughout the world, people want the same things...

There is a yearning for the recurring problems of the planet like war, hunger, disease, hatred, senseless suffering, poverty and environmental degradation, not to merely get better, but to end once and for all.

The story we’ve been living is based on being separate and having others be different than us. Humanity’s disconnectedness affects not only how we relate to ourselves and each other, but how we relate to our environment. Our disconnectedness has created a pandemic of anxiety, depression, mental health disorders and consumerism.

The quality of life for humans continues to decline. Ultimately, we must create a new, more sustainable model if we wish to preserve our species, our mental health, and our planet.

If we truly wish to make a lasting and sustainable impact on humanity, we must deliberately direct our attention to the very individuals that will determine the future of our species; our children. The future generation is our only hope at global restoration and regeneration, for it is them that will carry on our legacy.

Our company

After the pandemic, our team joined together and conceptualized the idea to create iKula Devi - an alternative solution to humanity. We help combat the rise of anxiety, depression and mental health disorders by providing tangible tools
that help individuals learn how to reconnect not just to themselves, but to those around them and the world in general.

Our mission is to demonstrate a more sustainable and enriching way of living that will preserve natural resources for future generations and provide all humans with an option for a better quality of life.

We are creating an alternative education system, retreat center and regenerative farm in a permaculture community located in Mexico.

Our vision

Over the past year, we have been hosting retreats, events, and workshops all around the world. We are now ready to create a more permanent solution. Instead of just week-long immersions, we are creating a physical self-sustainable community, education system and regenerative farm where people, companies, and organizations can come and visit and learn our practices any time of the year.

About IKULADEVI Self-Sustainable Community

We are raising capital to purchase land with pre existing infrastructure that will provide us with a turn-key model so we can begin regeneration right away. This example property is a 12-room hotel that sits on an ample 15-acres of highly usable/expandable terrain located in Costa Rica. It is located within 5 minutes of two beautiful beaches and has a fully equipped industrial kitchen, restaurant and bar.

Self-Sustainable Community

Each guest will have their own space - their own private room - and will share a community center, pool & hot tub, yoga & meditation shala, co-working space, and permaculture farm with the community.


Economic sustainability means that humans are able to maintain independence and have access to resources and finances required to meet their needs.

Social sustainability relies on universal human rights and basic necessities being obtainable by all

Environmental sustainability means the ecological integrity is maintained, all of earth's environmental systems are kept in balance, and natural resources are consumed at a rate that allows them to be replenished.

  • Only organic

  • Economic

  • Social

  • Environmental

Partnering with businesses

As part of our mission, we aim to provide corporations and businesses with a unique setting to hold wellness retreats for their employees.

Co-working spaces will be available on site which will enable employees to work remotely for a specified period of time determined by their organization.

Our team has over 30 years of experience combined through yoga, athletics, fitness, movement therapy, energy healing and nutrition. We have been so fortunate to have been trained by some of the most renowned practitioners throughout the country and are eager to showcase all of what we have learned to our community.